Friday, January 4, 2013

Dear sleep.

Dear sleep,

I miss you.  It seems like it's been years since we have really spent quality time together, and I miss you.  I realize now that when we were together, I took you for granted.  On weekend mornings, you would stay with me long past the time I actually needed you, and I never once thought to thank you. I was young and foolish and I didn't fully appreciate how much you mean to me.  I miss you and I am not the same without you.  Since you left me I've become impatient, cranky, and forgetful.  I want you back.

Someone has come between us.  I have found another love, it's true.  I love my eight month old baby girl, but I also still love you.  She doesn't understand you. She thinks she doesn't need you and so she keeps me from you, but I do need you.  If you could find it in your heart to come back to me I would never, ever take you for granted again.  I will teach her to love you too, just please, come back to me.

Your old friend,



  1. Just delightful and right on....I'm still missing that old friend almost 7 years now. I hear it gets better? We'll see.

  2. Thanks sista! It has been six years for me since I last slept through the night without interruption. At least one, or on most nights all three are up at some point. Here is a big wish for all mama's out there to get some much earned deep sleep tonight. Sweet dreams!

  3. I hear it gets better too. I haven't had a night where I slept all the way through since before Lily was born. It's rough stuff!