Sunday, April 5, 2015

mortar and pestle.

We celebrate Easter as the beginning of spring and all of the magic this season of new beginnings holds.  My children rose with sun and searched for baskets filled with books and art making supplies. The books were picked up from our favorite used book store and all held a theme close to our hearts: celebrating peace, connection to earth and family.  We spent much of the day cozied up in various places committing these new stories to memory.

My son received a mortar and pestle in his basket.  It may seem like an odd gift for a seven-year-old boy, but it proved to be a new and perhaps favorite art making tool.  A week ago, I bought the book, The Organic Artist, written by my dear friend Nick Neddo.  As my son and I poured through the pages inspired by every turn, we stumbled upon a life-changing discovery.  You can make your own paint from stones.  We are a rock-loving family and this would take our love and respect for rocks to a whole new level.  Ezra spent the day grinding stones into a fine powder to make paint for our whole family to enjoy.

We went through our rock collection and ended up painting with paint made from a stone I have carried with me since my college days in Arizona.  As I painted with the hues of the red rocks of Sedona, I couldn't help but paint the desert landscapes from there, long held in the memory of my heart. It was an incredible way to spend the day. Connecting to one another through words that nourished our souls and art that connected us to earth in a new and inspiring way.



  1. I found your blog through the Children & Nature Network! Thanks for the book recommendation.

    1. you bet Lee. This is a great book filled with projects that will keep us busy in the summer months. Nick is an amazing artist who lives his work in an authentic and inspiring way.