Thursday, June 13, 2013

the orchard.

Three years ago we planted fruit trees.  We call the area where the trees are planted the orchard. It is a grand name for what is really just the very back of our yard before the woods begin.  We planted seven fruit trees, a handful of blueberry bushes, and this year have added grapes and lingon berries.  We planted the orchard for our grandchildren.  That is a strange thing to say, but that is the nature of planting trees.  You plant trees not for yourself, really.  You plant them for the next generation.  We planted fruit trees in a way that would turn an open field into a grove for playing, climbing, and picking.  For picnicking under the shade of an apple tree on a hot summer's day. For walking a path under the canopy of fruit trees to our cabin in the woods.  We will get fruit from these trees, a little more each year, but our vision of the orchard is for our grandchildren.

Planting the orchard.

The orchard is growing, and so are our children.  We are starting a tradition of taking a picture of our kids each summer in the orchard so we can see their growth side by side.  I hadn't intended this when we first planted our trees, it has happened organically, the way traditions seem to form.  I am looking forward to the day I can take a picture of our children under the shade of one of these trees or up on one of its branches.

The orchard, year two.

The orchard, year three.

We may not stay in this house forever. We may never have grandchildren.  But one day, I hope some small child climbs one of these trees, presses their body against its branch, and reaches out for a bite of summer sweetness.  I hope they hug this tree with sticky hands and rest their head against its trunk with gratitude.  We planted the orchard for this child. 

In the meantime, we will enjoy these trees and the fruit they provide.  And we will watch them mark the passing of the seasons and the growth of our own children. 


  1. Lovely thoughts and lovely hopes and dreams. Thanks always for sharing. You remind me to think that way, small in the moment and yet for the future a little bit too.